Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My little Gymnast!

Gracie has been doing gymnastics since she was 18 months old and she is starting to get really good at it! She started the three year old class by herself this past October. I took my camera with me a couple of weeks ago and too some pictures of her. She is growing up so fast! She has learned how to flip on the bar all by herself! She walks on the beam, does rolls and cartwheels, and does tricks on the trampoline.

Tonight we have dance. She is so stinkin cute at dance! She'll have a recital in the spring and I can't wait! (And yes the family will be invited!) Jimmy and I laugh about it everytime we talk about it. They learn a new "move" that goes in their recital dance every week. We missed last week but two weeks ago they learned to "walk like an egyptian." It was the funniest thing ever. She came home and was trying to do it so I told Jimmy to help her. I took pictures of the two of the walking like an egyptian. Jimmy is so good with her! He'll help her with anything! A couple of days ago she was trying to do cartwheels and he was in the floor with her "spotting" her. Well, that was after I had to do 2 full cartwheels to show her what they should look like. She thought my cartwheels were so funny! It's been years since I've done a cartwheel, so every muscle in my body stretched and popped! I guess I really am out of shape! The pictures turned out a little dark. I guess my flash didn't kick on! Enjoy the pictures!

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Allison, Danny and Bentley said...

Oh my gosh...those egyptian pictures are hysterical! Is she doing a cartwheel all by herself now??