Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday was my 24th birthday! For the most part, it was a relaxing day. Gracie and I slept in and layed around for a couple of hours. Then we went and ate lunch with Allison and Bentley at Momma Deans in Fayetteville. That was an experience! Jimmy was out of town last night and Gracie stayed the night with my mom so it was a girls night out! I had this crazy feeling so I decided to get a tattoo. Allison, Merry Ann, and I headed out on our way to get a tattoo, but stopped and ate at Subway first. Classic! I got my tattoo and then we went to Chili's to have cake. Their chocolate molten cake is to die for! Check out my tattoo pictures!

So the tattoo really wasn't that bad! I don't think I could stand something huge like a gigantic butterfly on my back but this little tattoo really wasn't bad. It's Gracie's name. This is my first tattoo and it will be my last! Thanks Anthony!


Damon Steele said...

You are such a rebel. Did you get our VM?

Allison, Danny and Bentley said...

I forgot to ask you earlier what Jimmy said about it.