Monday, January 21, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

School is back in full swing! I'm taking an online class and I'm also attending two classes at the college on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We've been so busy lately and it's going to get worse this next month! We've been ring shopping! Yes, that is engagement ring shopping! I'm so excited! I've waited a long time and it finally is starting to feel like it's the right timing! When I started looking at rings, I had a certain cut and style in mind. Now since we've shopped pretty much everywhere, I'm stuck between 4 different rings and 4 different styles... Ugh! I didn't think it would be this hard because I thought I knew what I wanted! But I think we've narrowed it down to 2. So I will leave it up to Jimmy to decide between the two.

Jimmy has got a major "project" going on that will keep us very busy! I'm not going to go into detail but if anyone is reading this, just keep us in your prayers! Also we are still house hunting! I absolutely hate it! I think we've decided to buy a lot that we have in mind and build our favorite house on it. So it's starting to work out. We know the house we are going to build for sure and we are pretty sure about the lot. Now we are working on selling our house or renting it. Jimmy's got a few people that are interested so we'll see how it works out. Hopefully we'll have everything in line in the next 2 months.

Gracie decided she wanted some fish after her friend Bentley got some. Her daddy took her to Petsmart Friday night and she picked out 2 goldfish. She decided to name them Dora and Diego. Go figure! I took some pictures of Gracie and Jimmy putting the fish tank together.

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