Sunday, February 3, 2008

Snow Day and Hannah Montana!

This weekend has been a really long weekend. We had a little bit of snow for Gracie to play in and then we had beautiful weather! Yesterday we went to the park and then came home and played outside until dinner time! Gracie had so much fun playing with her friends outside! They had all 3 of the battery operated vehicles going. It's seems like forever since they have gotten to ride them! Jimmy has been really sick so he stayed home from work on Friday and Saturday and watched movies in the bed. He's feeling a little better today but is still recovering.

I had bought tickets last week to the new Hannah Montana 3D movie. We took Gracie today at 1 to see the movie. It was pretty cute! Gracie really enjoyed it! Jimmy almost backed out of going because he still isn't feeling his best but I drug him out anyways. I didn't want him to regret not going. Gracie has gotten so into Hannah Montana. She watches her movie constantly and she loves to dance to the song "Best of Both Worlds." Of course in the new movie today, her favorite song was the last one to be played! I guess they always save the best for last! Since it was a 3D movie, they handed out 3D glasses to watch the movie with. I took some pictures during the movie but they turned out a little too dark.

After the movie, Gracie fell asleep in the car on the way home. I dropped her and Jimmy off to take a nap and I ran to the mall. I bought a new Razorback t-shirt and then I went and got a pedicure! My feet and toes look so much better! Now I'm off to a very long and stressful week!

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