Friday, February 8, 2008

Project Day!

This morning, Gracie and I put her Valentines bags together. We made 50 bags full of candy and Hannah Montana cards. Yes, I said 50. We made enough for 2 days of school, gymnastics, and dance. Gracie was so excited to make candy bags for her friends. I think she may understand the concept of Valentines Day now. When we first started talking about it, she couldn't understand why we were giving her favorite cards and candy away to her friends and not keeping any for her. We had to explain that she would be getting different candy and cards back from her friends. She helped me stuff the bags and punch holes in the cards. When I was done with one bag, she would go lay it in a pile with the rest. Here are pictures of our lovely bags!

After we finished our bags, Jimmy went on a walk with us around the neighborhood. We took Jack and he had a good time running around. We are teaching him to stay beside us without using a leash. He is doing very well. He's a pretty smart little dog!

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