Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Watch it Grow!

Gracie and I did a fun project today. We went to Lowe's before gymnastics this morning and bought the kits to grow your own plants. Since I am a huge flower fan in the spring, I thought this might save a little money in the long run. Plus, Gracie will have fun watching the plants grow. I bought these plastic trays that have one round pellet in each hole. You add water and the pellet expands to dirt. Then you put your seeds in the dirt and then watch them grow over a few weeks. We have 7 trays of all different plants. When the plant grows and we have our last freeze, you are supposed to be able to plant the plants in the dirt outside. Gracie and I are super excited to watch these plants grow! Hopefully I won't have to spend so much money in the spring time on my flower beds.

This is what some of our trays look like. Hopefully they will grow quickly!

Now, if I could only get my 20 loads of laundry folded...Sigh...

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